Friday, 29 June 2012

Things to Know When Buying a Bandeau Bikini

Bandeau bikinis form the most desirable swimwear for women all over the world. Not only are they convenient but they are also very nice and decent because they don't keep falling off. It is elegant and subtle swimwear that every woman of style must have. The bandeau style is desirable because it is not as revealing as the other styles because it covers most of the cleavage and if the top is a tank top, even the navel. There are different necklines and straps styles for the bandeau bikini top and these include:


Strapless bandeau bikini tops are a hot favorite for many women because they cling to the skin more and they look really stylish. Even if the bust is small they are less likely to fall of and so many women prefer them to the other styles. One can get various styles such as ruffled, beaded, sequins, lace and fringed. The bandeau bikinis will always come out fantastic one every woman if the right size is chosen plus they are very stylishly made. One can also choose a strapless bandeau tankini to go with nice matching bikini bottoms and they will look great.

The halter neck

Most bandeau bikini tops are in this style. The strap is either fixed and goes over the neck or the two pieces are tied around the neck to meet each other. This is the most convenient bandeau top because it secures the bikini top upwards so it's less likely to slide. The top can be styles in many ways and the cleavage can go as low as the other types of tops because the straps are securing the top. Small busted women will find this style very suitable because it gives an impression of a fuller chest. There are also ruffles, fringes; sequins and lace to decorate the bikinis but the plain ones are also nice.

Spaghetti straps

The two straps are very nice because they make the bikini hold very securely on the shoulders. The bikinis are very stylishly made with some fold details and usually, draw strings at the center. The cleavage can go as low as desired because the straps hold well. One can also get a tankini in the same style and it looks fantastic. The top can be sewn in ruches or fixed with an under-wire to hold well and also to lift the bust upwards nicely to give the nice cleavage many women desire to show off.

The single strap

Apart from being very unique and stylish, the single strap bandeau is very nice. The strap will normally run from one shoulder to the other and create a crossing impression on the chest. If you are into water sports then this is the perfect bandeau for you because it is finely secured and no matter how many maneuvers you make you wont need to keep pulling it up. This unique style is accompanied by fringes, ruffles and even lace. The tops can also be just plain because the single strap is already overkill. These are the most common styles for the bandeau bikinis.

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