Monday, 2 July 2012

Selecting Swimwear For Different Body Shapes

Many women often worry about how they will look in their swimwear. The truth of the matter is that every lady desires to look fabulous in her swimsuit.

A good number of ladies always want to emphasize the strong points of her figure and minimize her weak areas. Due to this, several bikini buying tips come in handy. The tips are meant to assist women choose the right bikinis which make them look stunning. Swimsuits are normally quite revealing and ladies cannot afford to make any errors when it comes to selecting one. Comfort is a key factor to be considered when choosing a swimsuit and one should not overlook this important aspect.

Women have different body shapes and sizes; this is what makes each one of them unique. Women who have large busts need to pick bikinis which fully supports their busts and the rest of their body to achieve a perfect balance. The best swimsuit that is recommended for a lady falling in this category of women is the one that has halter-tops. This ensures that everything is kept in place for her to look and feel beautiful. A bikini that has extra strap that runs along one`s bust line and across her back will provide the necessary support. Ladies who have the inverted shape that is their top is relatively broader than their hips, should consider choosing a two piece with shorts or skirts. This is aimed at making her appear more proportional by balancing their top and hips.


A plus size lady may find it difficult to choose the right swimsuit. Hence, bikini buying tips would be of great assistance to her. A plus size woman may be worried sick about how she will look in a bikini. This may prevent her from enjoying long summer days with friends and family. She may even postpone swimming at any time of the year till further notice. Black and navy blue swimsuits will definitely make a plus size look slender and attractive. Spandex is a great pick as it can stretch. A plus size should never squeeze into a swim suit smaller than her actual size. Doing so will only make her uncomfortable and much more aware of her body. One in this category should also stay away from bikinis that have horizontal stripes as these stripes only make them look bigger than they really are.

One with a large belly ought to go for a one -piece swim suit. However, if one really wants a two-piece suit then halter tops which fall over her bikini bottoms are recommended. These halter-tops have the effect of hiding one's stomach and elongating her body such that she appears tall and slim. An individual with a large stomach may also opt for a printed bikini which diverts focus from her stomach area.

A woman with large hips ought to consider buying boy shorts. She ought to stay away from scanty bikini briefs which will only expose her rear and make her feel uncomfortable. Skirted bikini bottoms are great for the lady with large hips. This is because they make one`s leg look amazing but still hide one`s rear end very well. As for the top, bright colors are great. They draw attention away from one`s broad hips and make her look well balanced.

The curvy woman ought to go for the tankini. It is a two-piece suit which has a top that looks like a tank top. A tankini can go very well with hipster bottoms. These kind of bottoms give one`s curves enough support for maximum comfort. Swimsuits that have cutouts on their sides also look great on curvy women. They look a lot slimmer in them while still showing off heir lovely curves.

A woman with a small butt has to know a few things. The first one is that thongs and bikini bottoms that are triangular in shape make her bottoms look flatter than they really are. She should go for brief type or decorated bikini bottoms. As for the one with small breasts, swimsuits with ruffles or sequins add an additional layer onto the bikini`s fabric making one`s breast appear bigger. As seen above, ladies of all shapes and sizes can look attractive in their swimsuits if they consider the mentioned bikini buying tips.

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