Monday, 20 August 2012

Flattering Bikinis

Not every woman has the guts to wear bikinis when at the beach during outings or getaways. Some are not confident and others are not comfortable. But come to think of it, isn't it a bit impractical to wear such full body outfits at the beach? For me, it's kind of comical and awkward. I know that not all women have the perfect body but swimwear is not just for those women with perfect figures.

Bikinis are deigned to suit everyone. And by everyone, I mean all women in the world. Women should realize that wearing bikinis doesn't mean displaying your body for the purpose of seducing men. I know a lot will think that way. But the truth of the matter is it's one way of having fun and enjoying the heat of the sun when you are at the beach. There are few things that every woman should remember when wearing bikinis. One, love your body. Appreciate it and forget insecurity. Don't focus on the flaws such as having stretch marks or having big hips. Instead, be thankful that you have a body that is healthy and functional. Next, choose the right bikini. Keep in mind that you will be wearing them in public so might as well select the perfect bikini.

Choose one that is flattering. Shop around and visit lots of swimwear boutiques to find that bikini that looks good on you and fits you. Be sure that you are comfortable wearing them. There are many styles to choose from, from sporty tank bikini to the sexiest tankini. You can also try to mix and match. And if you are not that comfortable to overly exposed, you can wear cover-ups or use sarongs. When you are already at the beach, don't feel intimidated. Almost everyone is wearing a two piece so you might want to join the crowd. Don't think that people are looking at you. Yes, there will always be that watchful eyes but don't be too conscious about yourself.

Everyone is busy partying, eating, drinking and swimming, so stop worrying about how your body looks with those bikinis. Some may look at you but who cares? Do not care what strangers might think about you for you might missed to really enjoy yourself at the beach. The beach is beautiful and there are so many things to care about than the opinion of others. Take a swim, read a book, listen to music while lying on the fine sand or eat ice cream. Have some drink if that will help you relax and forget about your bikini. Enjoy the moment because you are blessed to experience the beauty of nature.

Lastly, wear that confidence. It's the key to really look good. You might feel some anxiety to wear bikinis but I tell you, just do it. Forget the feeling of being exposed or weird or embarrassed. You have to overcome those feelings. Do your own thing. You have to realize that bikinis are not made for models only. Everyone comes in different body shapes but everyone is beautiful in their own way. Don't compare yourself to the celebrities or bikini models. You are beautiful just the way you are.

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