Monday, 6 August 2012

Safe eShopping - Tips for Buying Bikinis Online

Girl in Bikini Swimwear
For even those among us who are completely confident in our bodies, buying bikinis online presents a unique challenge. How can we be sure that this scrap of clothing which looks so gorgeous on the models will look the same way on us? Is there anything that can be done to make sure that the bikini that arrives at our home will look and feel fabulous?

Fortunately, there ARE things every woman can do to increase her chances of buying the bikini that's best for her body, even without being able to try it on first by buying your swimwear online.

Before even beginning to look online for a bikini, it's helpful to take stock of what kind of bikini you would like to buy. Investigate styles and try to determine which ones will work best with your body type. If it's possible, go to a store and try on a few bikinis there. This is one of the best ways to be sure that a bikini will work well with your body type.

If you can't get to a store, take stock of your options. If you are quite slender and athletic, you will want to gravitate toward bikinis with bust enhancing details and consider things like ring-top bandeaus or ruffle trim. If you are curvier, you may find that a tankini will slim you down. If you have bigger thighs, consider cuts that actually go higher and show more leg as they will actually be more flattering, or consider styles that really draw attention to your bust line. If you are scrawny, consider patterns; if you are larger, consider darker colors.

Once you get to a website that you might like to buy from, be sure to always utilize the zoom in feature where it is available. This will often give you a better idea of what colors and patterns will really look like close up. Also be sure to check out the reviews that other customers have left for that particular bikini. Pay special attention to those that say it fits too big or too small, or that it is not covering areas they expected it to. This can be especially telling when many people have the same complaint.

Choose online retailers that have return policies that are favorable to the customer. Always make sure that the bikini can be returned if there is a problem with the fit, and that you have a reasonable amount of time to return it. Also try to determine if they refund your money or will only give you credit to be used on their online site at a later time.

Finally, remember that shopping for anything online should be fun, and look for styles, cuts, and colors that you enjoy and that you believe suit your unique style. Chances are that your intuition when combined with some of the tips above won't lead you wrong, and a fabulous new bikini will be in your hands.

Once your bikini arrives and fits you well, don't be afraid to go out there and wear it with confidence. If you think you look amazing, everyone else will think to too.

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