Sunday, 5 August 2012

Macro Bikinis - The New Micro Swimwear

The history of the bikini dates back to ancient Greek, when women athletes wore them in the field almost fourteen hundred years ago Before Christ. As the world became modernized the bikini underwent several changes. In the modern age, for example, a new design of bikini swimwear was made in the year nineteen thirteen. It is not actually French man Louis Reard that designed the first bikinis, although his version was much more modern as compared to the other ancient designs. The macro bikinis are an example of the different designs that come with the bikini.
There are several factors that set the macro bikini apart from their rather skimpy counterparts, one of them being the fact that they are not as revealing, An example of these being the tankini. Tankinis hit the market back in the nineteen nineties, and are example of those bikinis that are non-revealing. They come with a tank top that is usually held up by strings resembling those that support a spaghetti top. The first ever tankini was worn by Ann Cole a United States of America swim wear model. The tankini has also undergone several numerous changes throughout the years with the most recent one being just a cropped top, and a separate bottom.

  The macro bikinis come in two designs:

The camkini: The camkini almost resembles a camisole and is very conservative in nature. It completely contrasts the tank top of the tankini. In the year two thousand, the camkini was officially introduced to the public by the Ebony fashion fair. The bottoms of this bikini makes are mostly high waisted and a camisole top that is pretty conservative.

 • The Bandeaukini: The bandeaukini's top almost looks like an elastic tube, since it entirely covers the chest all round and lacks straps. All that one has to do is slip it over the head to the chest. These bikinis come in a wide range of colors and patterns and more often than not they are accompanied by square-cut bottoms, created for the much conservative woman. A key advantage of the macro bikinis is the fact that they fully flatter the body of the plus size woman, as well as, those with much bigger bosoms. For the ladies with a longer trunk, the tankinis are a perfect choice since they make the torsos appear much shorter. With these bikinis, it is very easy for the wearer to manipulate them depending on her mood since; it is easy to mix the colors of the top and bottom and get away with it. The macro bikinis are not only perfect for swimming but for skiing and sun bathing, as well. With these designs, the wearer can rest assured that accidental exposures are kept at bay. Another advantage of the macro bikini is the fact that it can perfectly fit any woman not withstanding her age or size. The only flesh that these bikinis show is the one around the midriff, proving further that it is possible to feel modern and chic in a swimwear without revealing too much flesh, and this can only be done with the macro bikinis.

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